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MEC3 Granfrutta Maracuja 5kg 18430

MEC3 Granfrutta Maracuja 5kg 18430

by Mec3

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MEC3 Granfrutta Maracuja 5kg 18430 is an innovative product that embodies the best of artisanal gelato technology. This product is a high-dosage paste designed specifically for making rich, flavorful fruit sorbets. This variant, the Maracuja or Passion Fruit, brings the vibrant, tangy, and sweet flavor of this tropical fruit right into your gelato mix.


Using this semi-finished product is a modern solution that simplifies the process of creating artisan-quality gelato. It carries all the best attributes of fruit, maintaining the authentic, fresh taste while offering the convenience of a pre-prepared mix. This means you don't have to go through the labor-intensive process of sourcing, peeling, and puréeing the fruits yourself.


With a generous 5 kg quantity, MEC3 Granfrutta Maracuja allows for the creation of a large batch of gelato, making it an ideal choice for professional gelato makers and commercial businesses. It saves you time and ensures consistency in every batch of gelato you make, resulting in a more efficient production process without compromising on the taste and quality of the finished product.


Moreover, this product is the result of MEC3's dedication to the art of gelato making. Their proprietary technology ensures that the natural flavors and nutritional properties of the fruits are preserved in the paste, resulting in a healthier, tastier gelato. This paste also has the added advantage of providing a consistent, smooth texture to your gelato, enhancing the overall sensory experience of your customers.


MEC3 Granfrutta Maracuja 5kg 18430 is more than just a convenience product. It's a quality-enhancing tool that brings the vibrancy of real fruits into your gelato, making the artisanal gelato making process more accessible and efficient. Enjoy bulk MEC3 Granfrutta Maracuja at wholesale pricing.

The artisanal gelato’s favorite fruit:

High percentage of fruit
Selected raw materials
Guaranteed standard of quality
Prepare just with water
Produced without adding:

Vegetable fats


Per litre: 785 g of product +1 L of water

Per tray: 1,65 Kg of product + 2,1 L of water

Per ice-lolly: 500 g of product + 1 L of water


It is advisable to blend the mixture with a blender and to stir it not too long.

(For a creamy structure, add 5 g of Softin code 06069 per kg of mixture).

Packaging: 5KG Pail

Country of Origin:


Item Number: D-A211/MEC3-18430

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