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MEC3 Green Apple 500 - 08080

MEC3 Green Apple 500 - 08080

by Mec3

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The 500 Line from MEC3 is a response to the ever-evolving demands of a discerning clientele, seeking not just quality but also ease of use. This line of products is designed to offer you an unparalleled experience of delight and functionality, all encapsulated within one carefully crafted product range.


One of the flagship products of the 500 Line is a green apple flavored delight. This isn't just an ordinary green apple flavor; it's a burst of freshness, a testament to the essence of perfectly ripe green apples. Imagine biting into a crisp, juicy apple on a bright summer day, the cool tartness dancing on your taste buds, and you have an idea of what the MEC3's green apple flavor is all about.


The product is designed to be straightforward to use, a trait that runs through the entirety of the 500 Line. MEC3 understands that their customers are not just looking for high-quality flavors, but also practicality. With this in mind, the green apple flavor has been made user-friendly, allowing even the most novice users to deliver impressive results effortlessly.


A distinctive feature of this product is the inclusion of real fruit pieces. They serve not only as a testament to the authenticity of the flavor, but also provide an exciting burst of texture and taste. These fruit pieces, embedded within your gelato, explode with an indulgent flavor that makes every bite an exciting experience.


In essence, MEC3's 500 Line is a harmonious blend of quality, functionality, and innovative flavor profiles. It provides an ideal solution for those in the business of delighting taste buds, offering an array of flavors that are easy to use and sure to leave a lasting impression. With the 500 Line from MEC3, you're not just buying a product, you're investing in an experience. Enjoy bulk MEC3 Green Apple 500  at wholesale pricing.

PACK WEIGHT: 1.25 kg


Item Number: D-A196 / MEC3-08080

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