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MEC3 Ice White Mint Paste - 14041A

MEC3 Ice White Mint Paste - 14041A

by Mec3

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MEC3 Ice White Mint Paste - 14041A is an extraordinary product that provides a fantastic way to incorporate the refreshing aroma and taste of mint into your gelato. Originating from the innovative kitchen labs of MEC3, this product has been designed with the sole purpose of enhancing the flavor and aroma of your favorite dessert, and indeed, turning it into a sensory delight.


The 14041A variety uses the most aromatic variant of mint. The source of this mint is crucial. It's derived from select crops where growing conditions, climate, and care are optimized for mint. The result is a mint flavor that is fresh, distinct, and rich in its profile. This means your gelato will not only taste like mint but carry the aromatic signature that this herb is loved for.


This mint paste is uniquely tailored for ice cream and gelato applications. Its high quality ensures that it seamlessly blends into your base mix, bringing out the minty freshness without overpowering the taste of the other ingredients. MEC3 Ice White Mint Paste maintains a perfect balance between sweetness and minty freshness, providing a palate-cooling sensation that's expected from any superior mint-flavored dessert.


Another fantastic feature of the MEC3 Ice White Mint Paste is its coloring. The 'Ice White' descriptor refers to the product's ability to provide your gelato with an alluring pale green hue, just like a freshly picked mint leaf. This not only enhances the overall appearance of the dessert but also gives a visual cue to the refreshing mint flavor within.


Using MEC3 Ice White Mint Paste - 14041A is simple. It's designed for easy integration into your gelato-making process, whether you're a home cook or a professional chef. You can control the intensity of the mint flavor in your dessert by adjusting the amount of paste you add, providing versatility for customization.


MEC3 Ice White Mint Paste - 14041A provides a flavor-enhancing experience, allowing you to enjoy a gelato that has a fresh, distinct mint flavor and a beautiful ice white color. Whether you're creating a classic mint chocolate chip or trying something more adventurous like a mint mojito gelato, this product is your key to unlocking a world of refreshing possibilities. Enjoy bulk MEC3 Ice White Mint Paste at wholesale pricing.

50 g per kg of mixture

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Gluten Free

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D-A017 /MEC3-14041A


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