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MEC3 Watermelon 500 - 08089

MEC3 Watermelon 500 - 08089

by Mec3

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The MEC3's 500 Line is a direct response to the ever-changing needs of the culinary world, crafted with the utmost attention to the diverse tastes of its customers. This product range is a testament to the essence of authenticity, promising not just the semblance of flavor, but the complete, wholesome experience of savoring the full and rich taste of fresh fruit.


The 500 Line is not just a collection of ingredients but a tool that brings the magic of fresh fruits to your kitchen, in the most convenient way possible. It offers an exciting way to infuse your culinary creations with real fruit flavors. The MEC3 team understands the importance of convenience in today's fast-paced culinary world, and the 500 Line is designed to bring that convenience to your doorstep, providing an easy and quick way to incorporate authentic fruit flavors into your culinary creations.


A shining example of this line is the 500 Line Watermelon. This product captures the quintessential summer experience - the refreshing, sweet taste of a perfectly ripe watermelon - and packs it in a format that can be used across a range of applications. It offers a delightful way to incorporate a popular fruit flavor into your menu, without the fuss and unpredictability that can come with using fresh fruits.


The versatility of 500 Line Watermelon makes it a delightful addition to your kitchen. You can use it in a granita slush machine to create an incredible Frozen Sorbet. Imagine the burst of refreshing watermelon flavor, punctuated by the icy chill of the sorbet. This Frozen Sorbet will not only taste amazing but also offer a vibrant, eye-catching addition to your dessert menu.


The 500 Line Watermelon is just one of many fruit flavors offered by MEC3 in its 500 Line, opening up endless possibilities for creative culinary creations. With the full flavor of fruit and maximum practicality of use, the 500 Line is all about providing an exciting and uncomplicated way to enrich your dishes with the unmistakable taste of real fruit. Whether you're crafting a delectable dessert or whipping up a refreshing drink, the 500 Line has got you covered. Enjoy bulk MEC3 Watermelon 500 at wholesale pricing.

PACK WEIGHT: 1.25 kg


Item Number: D-A206 / MEC3-08089

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