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Musselman's Diced Apples in Water 3-Pack 104 oz

Musselman's Diced Apples in Water 3-Pack 104 oz


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Musselman's Diced Apples in Water add fresh-from-the-orchard flavor to your menu! This product is created with fresh, tree-ripened apples that are peeled, diced, and canned in pure water to preserve their delicious flavor. Musselman's Diced Apples in Water lessens your prep work in the kitchen, and make a great addition to bakeries or restaurants that create their own desserts from scratch. Use these apples to create a delicious, homemade apple pie filling that will set your desserts offerings apart from the competition! You can also use them to make apple cobblers, apple crisps, apple bars, and other delicious desserts. Flip the script and use these diced apples to add the perfect touch of sweetness to savory recipes, like a delicious onion, cheddar, thyme, and apple tart that's perfect for fall! You can even serve these apples as-is for a tasty and healthy side perfect for school lunches or cafeteria dinners. No matter how you choose to use them, Musselman's Diced Apples in Water will be a delicious and convenient addition to your menu. 


Diced Apples (MUSSELMANS Brand) Bulk Packaging: 3 Cans


Sliced Apples (MUSSELMANS Brand) Bulk Case: 3 Cans

Shelf Life: Use within 10 days after opening.

Country of Origin:


Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-3252

With roots that run deep in the heart of Pennsylvania apple country, the Musselman Company has won over generations of families with their "Quality You Can Taste" mentality. Since purchasing their first canning company in 1907, Musselman's continues to provide satisfied families with its quality products.
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