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MEC3 Nocciola-LA-LA Hazelnut Gelato Paste

MEC3 Nocciola-LA-LA Hazelnut Gelato Paste

by Mec3

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Nocciola-LA-LA Hazelnut Gelato Paste-3kg: MEC3 Nocciola is a concentrated hazelnut flavoring paste that delivers natural tasting hazelnut flavor to gelato, pastry, and savory applications. It can be used as is or diluted with water. This product is GMO free. You will love the rich and creamy taste that this paste delivers. Try it in your next batch of homemade gelato or ice cream!


ORIGIN: ITALY; Piedmont.

QUALITY: Nocciola Piemonte P.G.I. - Tonda Gentile Trilobata

INGREDIENTS: Piedmont Hazelnut paste

FEATURES: Sphere-shaped; excellent taste and aroma after toasting, easy to shell, good shelf life. Caliber selection 14 and 15 mm.

CHARACTERISTICS: roasted and refined immediately, to preserve their aroma. Delicately roasted.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: 80 / 130 g per Kg of base mixture.

THE GELATO: The paste undergoes a process of delicate toasting from which you will obtain a light brown gelato with a magnificent taste and a delicate perfume, without an excessively toasted aftertaste thanks to the superior quality and the caliber of the Piedmont hazelnuts.


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