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NY Best Bagel Base 2.0 50lb
NY Best Bagel Base 2.0 50lb

NY Best Bagel Base 2.0 50lb


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NY Best Bagel Base 2.0 is a unique blend of tradition, innovation, and craftsmanship aimed at offering bagel lovers an authentic New York experience, regardless of where they are located. Embracing its roots in New York City, the birthplace of the quintessential American bagel, this brand carries the heritage of generations of bagel-making expertise.


The "2.0" in the name implies an upgrade, a nod to the blend of tradition with contemporary baking techniques. This involves taking the time-honored process of making a bagel - boiling it before baking, giving it that distinct chewy exterior and soft, dense interior - and enhancing it with modern elements. Such improvements might include the use of advanced baking technology for consistent quality or the sourcing of premium ingredients for improved flavor and nutrition.


NY Best Bagel Base 2.0 takes pride in producing original New York style bagels. This means that each bagel is hand-rolled, boiled in water before baking, and made using high-gluten flour, salt, water, yeast, and malt. The result is a bagel with a perfect balance of chewiness and softness, with a glossy, crisp crust that can only be achieved through this traditional process.


But this brand doesn't stop at just providing the classic plain bagel. True to the diverse culinary culture of New York, they offer a variety of bagels ranging from the classic poppy seed and sesame to more unique flavors like cinnamon raisin, pumpernickel, and everything bagels. They might even offer seasonal specialties that incorporate innovative flavor combinations, keeping up with food trends and customer preferences.


NY Best Bagel Base 2.0 is more than just a product; it's an ongoing commitment to uphold and celebrate the culinary tradition of New York style bagels. With a keen focus on quality, taste, and authenticity, they're redefining what it means to enjoy a New York style bagel, bringing the heart of NYC to your breakfast table, no matter where you're located. Enjoy bulk NY Best Bagel Base at wholesale pricing.


NY Best Bagel Base Bulk Packaging: Box

Shelf Life: May be used for up to 9 months.

Country of Origin:


Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-7034

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