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Panko Japanese Style Toasted Bread Crumbs 25 lbs

Panko Japanese Style Toasted Bread Crumbs 25 lbs

by Kikkoman

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Create crispy, golden coatings for your culinary creations with our Panko Japanese Style Toasted Bread Crumbs. Offered in a generous 25 lbs pack from Baker's Authority, these bread crumbs are the secret to adding an irresistible crunch to your dishes.


Panko Bread Crumbs are larger, crispier, and lighter than traditional bread crumbs. Made from specially baked, crust-less bread, they provide a delicate crunch without absorbing as much oil or becoming soggy. Their unique texture makes them ideal for a wide variety of applications, from breading for fried foods to topping for casseroles and baked goods.


Whether you're a professional chef, a caterer, or a passionate home cook, Panko Bread Crumbs will help you achieve restaurant-quality results. They're perfect for enhancing the texture of dishes like fried chicken, fish fillets, tempura, or even baked macaroni and cheese.


Packaged in a sturdy, bulk 25 lbs bag, these Panko Bread Crumbs are a cost-effective solution for high-volume cooking, ensuring you always have a supply on hand when you need it. Moreover, their long shelf life guarantees you fresh, flavorful bread crumbs for your cooking needs.


Add a delightful crunch to your culinary creations with the Panko Japanese Style Toasted Bread Crumbs from Baker's Authority. Your journey towards perfectly breaded, golden, and crunchy dishes starts here. Enjoy bulk Japanese style toasted bread crumbs at wholesale pricing.

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