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Pastry Star Bourbon Vanilla Flavor 35 oz

Pastry Star Bourbon Vanilla Flavor 35 oz

by Pastry Star

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Introducing Pastry Star Bourbon Vanilla Flavor - a reimagined classic that promises to add an edge to your desserts. Drawing its depth from a harmonious blend of all-natural vanilla extract and finely-ground bourbon vanilla beans, this concentrated liquid flavoring offers more than just a rich taste.


Enrich your dessert creations, from pastry creams and mousses to ice creams and baked good batters, with this robust flavor. Its potency ensures that even a small amount goes a long way in enhancing the profile of your favorite recipes. Imagine the distinctiveness of classic vanilla, but with a spirited bourbon kick that sets your culinary delights apart from the mundane.


At its core, Pastry Star Bourbon Vanilla Flavor remains committed to purity and quality. It boasts a clean label - meaning it’s free from any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Moreover, for those mindful of their dietary choices, rest assured, our product is non-GMO and has been certified as Kosher Pareve. Elevate your gastronomic adventures with a touch of Bourbon Vanilla Essence, and watch your desserts transform into gourmet masterpieces. Enjoy bulk bourbon vanilla favor at wholesale pricing.

Packaging Size: Case 9/35 OZ (1qt)



Vanilla liquid flavor. Syrup is stabilized to form a uniform

  • Ingredients: Sorbitol, Natural Flavors, Water, Caramel Color
  • Allergens: None.
  • SHELF LIFE & STORAGE: Product will maintain quality for 12 months under cool, dry conditions.
  • Uses: Add pastry flavor to account for 1.0% to 3.0% of final batter weight.

Item Number: PS00055


Country of Origin: USA

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