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Pastry Star Egg White Powder 2/5lb.

Pastry Star Egg White Powder 2/5lb.

by Pastry Star

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Dried and powdered egg whites.

Forget the fuss of separating egg whites! Our egg white powder is a fantastic replacer and time saver.

This product has zero trans-fat and zero cholesterol. It is.
prepared from fresh, clean, domestic chicken eggs under continuous USDA.
inspection. Food-grade sodium lauryl sulfate is added to liquid egg whites.
as a whipping aid prior to drying. The product is then dried to meet or
exceed the standard of identity given in 21 CFR 160.145. Strict quality
procedures assure compliance with these standards along with federal, state,

and local regulations. Following the drying process, the product is heat-
treated in the package.

This product is Kosher Pareve.

Packaging: Box 2/5lbs.

Allergen Information: Contains eggs.

Ingredients: Egg Whites, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (Does not exceed usage limit given in 21 CFR


Shelf Life: Product will maintain quality for 2 years. This product can be shipped and stored.
in a dry place at room temperature. No refrigeration is required.

Item Number: PS40005


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