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Pastry Star Glucose Syrup 55LB

Pastry Star Glucose Syrup 55LB

by Pastry Star

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This high-quality Glucose Syrup is a very useful confectionary ingredient. Ready to use straight from the pail, it prevents water crystallization at high temperatures and produces browning in baked goods. This clean label Glucose Syrup is perfect for sweetening, stabilizing, improving texture and taste to many dessert applications. Pastry Star Glucose Syrup is Clean Label, Kosher Pareve.


Pastry Star Glucose Syrup is the go-to choice for many professional pastry chefs and home bakers alike. Its versatility allows it to be incorporated seamlessly into a wide range of dessert recipes, from delicate meringues to rich chocolate ganaches. Furthermore, its ability to stabilize mixtures means that finished products maintain their intended texture for longer, ensuring that the mouthfeel of desserts remains consistent from the first bite to the last.


In addition to its functional benefits, Pastry Star Glucose Syrup is committed to the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Being Clean Label signifies its dedication to providing ingredients that are free from unnecessary additives and preservatives, ensuring consumers receive a product that is as close to its natural state as possible. Its Kosher Pareve certification further testifies to its adherence to stringent food preparation standards, making it a reliable choice for those who adhere to dietary restrictions. With such a robust profile, Pastry Star Glucose Syrup continues to be a preferred choice for those seeking excellence in their confectionary endeavors. Enjoy bulk Pastry Star Glucose Syrup at wholesale pricing.


Glucose Syrup Packaging: 55 lbs. Case


 Allergen Information: None


Ingredients: Glucose Syrup


 Shelf Life:12 months.


Item Number: PS40401

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