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Pastry Star Isomalt 10lbs.

Pastry Star Isomalt 10lbs.

by Pastry Star

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Pastry Star Isomalt is your go-to natural sugar substitute to create amazing and delicious sugar art pieces. This product is Clean Label, Kosher Pareve. Pastry Star Isomalt not only ensures that your sugar artistry remains vibrant and beautiful, but it also caters to a broader audience, given its natural origins and kosher certification. This means that dietary restrictions and health concerns are taken into account, allowing even more people to enjoy your confections. Its crystal-clear melt and stability under various conditions make it a favorite among professionals and home bakers alike.


In addition to its remarkable properties, Pastry Star Isomalt is recognized for its ease of use. Whether you're creating intricate sugar sculptures, delicate pulled sugar flowers, or mesmerizing blown sugar creations, this product guarantees consistent results every time. So, if you're looking to elevate your dessert presentations and wow your audience, Pastry Star Isomalt is  the product to incorporate into your baking arsenal. Enjoy bulk Pastry Star Isomalt at wholesale pricing.


Isomalt Packaging: 10 lbs. 


 Allergen Information: None


Ingredients: Isomalt 


 Shelf Life: 3 YEARS.


Item Number: PS40404

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