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Pastry Star Pectin “Ruban Jaune” Slow Set Non-Reversible

Pastry Star Pectin “Ruban Jaune” Slow Set Non-Reversible

by Pastry Star

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The Pastry Star Pectin "Ruban Jaune" is a specialized pectin product that stands out due to its unique "Slow Set Non-Reversible" properties. Unlike other pectins that might gel quickly, this one allows for a gradual thickening process. This makes it particularly beneficial for specific culinary applications.


One of its primary uses is as a thickening agent for glazes and fruit sauces. If you've ever encountered a glaze that drips off too easily or a fruit sauce that's too runny, you'll understand the importance of having the right consistency. Using the Ruban Jaune pectin ensures that these preparations achieve the desired consistency without becoming overly gelatinous.


Additionally, it's an excellent choice for making soft, spreadable jams. Traditional jams can sometimes set too hard, making them difficult to spread on bread or pastries. However, with the Slow Set properties of the Ruban Jaune pectin, jams maintain a perfect spreadable consistency, enhancing their appeal and usability.


On the health and ethical front, this pectin product boasts a "Clean Label" designation. This means that it doesn't contain any artificial additives or unnecessary ingredients. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of and concerned about what goes into their food. Having a clean label product provides assurance that they are using a natural and straightforward product without hidden or harmful ingredients.


Furthermore, it's labeled as "Kosher Pareve," indicating its adherence to kosher dietary laws. Pareve (or parve) is a Yiddish term that means "neutral." In the context of kosher dietary rules, this means that the product doesn't contain meat or dairy, and as such, can be paired with either in meals without violating dietary restrictions. This ensures that those following kosher dietary guidelines can safely incorporate this pectin into their recipes.


 Pastry Star Pectin "Ruban Jaune" is more than just a thickening agent. It's a carefully designed product that caters to a range of culinary needs while also addressing health and dietary concerns. Whether you're a professional chef, an amateur cook, or someone conscious about the ingredients in their food, this pectin is a valuable addition to your pantry. Enjoy bulk Pastry Star Pectin “Ruban Jaune” Slow Set Non-Reversible at wholesale pricing.


Ruban Jaune Packaging: 8 lb. case


 Allergen Information: None


Ingredients: HM pectin, tartrate sodium and potassium, dextrose. sodium polyphosphate.


 Shelf Life: 12 Months.


Item Number: PS40416

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