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Pastry Star Sorbitex 40 lbs.

Pastry Star Sorbitex 40 lbs.

by Pastry Star

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Introducing Pastry Star Sorbitex, a groundbreaking ingredient that promises to revolutionize your baking and culinary adventures. Tailored for both the professional chef and the home baker, this product serves as a versatile addition, bringing more than just sweetness to your creations. With its unique properties, Sorbitex acts as a moisture retainer, ensuring your baked goods remain fresh, moist, and flavorful for longer. Say goodbye to the days of dry cakes and crumbly pastries!


The magic of Pastry Star Sorbitex doesn't stop there. Beyond its moisture-retaining prowess, it's a prime choice for those keen on producing lower-calorie treats without compromising on texture or taste. Whether you're whipping up a batch of muffins, crafting a delicate pastry, or looking to perfect that dessert sauce, Sorbitex promises a smoother, richer consistency, all while maintaining the ideal balance of sweetness.


Committed to excellence, Pastry Star ensures that Sorbitex meets the highest standards of quality and purity. Free from artificial additives and crafted with a clear focus on natural goodness, this product confidently aligns with modern dietary needs and preferences. It's not just an ingredient; it's a testament to Pastry Star's dedication to innovation, quality, and the art of baking. Elevate your culinary journey with the unmatched benefits of Pastry Star Sorbitex. Pastry Star Sorbitex acts as a sugar substitute. It is ready to use. This product is Clean Label, Kosher Pareve. Enjoy bulk Pastry Star Sorbitex at wholesale pricing.


Packaging: 40 lbs. Case


 Allergen Information: None


Ingredients: Sorbitol


 Shelf Life: 6 months. unopened; 3 weeks open refrigerated.


Item Number: PS40411

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