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Yeast Raised Doughnut Mix

Yeast Raised Doughnut Mix

by General Mills

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Yeast raised doughnut mix is a simple and easy way to make delicious doughnuts. Enjoy the taste of real cocoa and puff pastry with yeast raised doughnut mix. The next time you want to bake rich and tender doughnuts, use yeast raised doughnut mix. Enjoy bulk yeast raised doughnut mix at wholesale pricing.

Yeast Raised Doughnut Mix Bulk Packaging: 50 lb Bag

Shelf Life: 270 days

Allergen Information: Contains wheat


Preparation Instructions: Dissolve yeast in water. Add mix to bowl. Mix for 1 min on low. Mix on med 10-12 min until dough is smooth, dry and pliable. Dough temp 80° F. Fermentation: 45 min. Make-up: divide or strip. Rest: 15 min. Proof: give 3/4 proof with just enough moisture to prevent crusting. Fry at 375° F.

To make 9-11: 1 pound donut mix, 7.2 ounces water, 1/4 ounce instant or active dry yeast. 

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Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-2812

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