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Potato Flour

Potato Flour

by Baker's Authority

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Our potato flour is made from grounded, peeled, dried potatoes. Potato flour is a simple way to bake moist yeast bread with a long shelf life. The starch in potatoes attracts and holds water, and helps to increase the moisture content in baked goods. For those who want a moist, soft bread, or baked goods, check out our potato flour, available in bulk, today.


Our bulk potato flour, when combined with all-purpose bread or whole wheat flour, makes yeast dough easier to shape and handle. Potato flour can also be used as thickener for sauces, stews, and soups. Potato flour is ideal for baking soft, tender sweet rolls, bread, pancakes, and more. Check out our potato flour, available in bulk or home use.


Potato Flour Bulk Packaging: 50 lb Bag

Potato Flour Bulk Pallet: 40 - 50 lb Bags

Potato Flour Recipe Tips: When substituting potato flour for all-purpose flour in a recipe, you'll need to decrease the amount of liquid by about 1/4 cup for every cup of potato flour used. This is because potato flour absorbs more liquid than all-purpose flour. In addition, you may need to add a little more baking powder or baking soda to your recipe, since potato flour is slightly alkaline and can cause baked goods to rise too much.

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