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Harmony Classic Glaze

Harmony Classic Glaze

by Puratos


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20 lb Pail

Harmony Classic Briant is a clear apricot glaze for fruit tarts and desserts USAGE Combine 1 kg Harmony Classic Briant and 300-600g boiling water. Mix until homogeneous. Brush on cakes and breads while still hot. For fruit tarts, brush or pour when warm.

Packaging: Pail

Shelf Life: Minimum 9 months shelf life

Allergen Information: Produced ina a facility that also uses wheat, milk, eggs, tree nuts, sulfites, seasame and soy.

UPC Code: 608002040378

Applications: Apricot glaze for fruit tarts, danish pastries, puff pastries, etc.

Country of Origin:


Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-1096

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