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Pure Hazelnut Paste - 100% Hazelnuts

by Barry Callebaut

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Process in 1 month
Case (4 - 5 kg Bucket)

Callebaut item #PNP-663: Powerful hazelnut flavour with aromatic roasted flavour - very smooth texture. 100% hazelnuts in a smooth, golden paste. For its pure nut pasten Callebaut selects the finest hazelnuts from orchards in Spain, Italy and Turkey. Picked when they're fully sunripe, the hazelnuts are stored under the best conditions - away from light, temperature changes or air for max. 12 months. They're shelled max. 12 hours before they're roasted to protect their essential oils and preserve their delicate, fruity flavours. The hazelnuts are then mildly roasted and finely ground into a pure, smooth, golden paste.Pure hazelnut paste brings out an intense hazelnut flavour with lovely toasted flavours and delicate fruitiness. It۪s a great base to mix with chocolate to create praline fillings with a very pure and intense hazelnut taste. And of course, they make for a great base to flavour ice creams, patisserie cr̬mes and dessert cr̬mes with a pure, unsweetened hazelnut taste.

Packaging: Bucket

Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-SO-3040

Using only the finest ingredients, Callebaut has been crafting its Finest Belgian Chocolate in the heart of Belgium for more than 100 years. Made with dedication passed on from generation to generation, Callebaut chocolate is relied on every day by chefs and chocolatiers to create great tasting delights.

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