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MEC3 Quell'altra Crunchy - 14724A

MEC3 Quell'altra Crunchy - 14724A

by Mec3

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Quell'altra Crunchy brings a whole new experience to your palate. This delightful creation, a brainchild of the renowned brand MEC3, is a harmonious blend of exquisite white chocolate and crispy extruded rice, resulting in a heavenly taste that makes it stand apart.


The white chocolate lends an unmatched richness to the Quell'altra Crunchy, enveloping it in a creamy sweetness that is sure to make every bite a divine experience. Meanwhile, the crunchiness of the extruded rice adds an exciting contrast, balancing the creamy sweetness with a playful textural twist. The crunch against the smoothness creates a dance of tastes and textures that will keep you coming back for more.


Quell'altra Crunchy shines in its versatility, becoming the secret ingredient that can transform an array of desserts. It is particularly wonderful for making cremini - a type of Italian chocolate confectionery that's typically small, square and made in two colors. The addition of Quell'altra Crunchy provides a delightful surprise in every bite, adding a texture and flavor dimension that leaves an unforgettable aftertaste.


Moreover, you can also experiment with it in new flavor combinations. Its unique taste profile makes it a great partner for various other flavors, such as fruity berries or salty nuts. Whether you are baking a cake, making a mousse, or creating your own homemade ice cream, Quell'altra Crunchy can enhance the overall flavor profile of your desserts and give them a unique twist.


You can also use it as a variegate to give your creations an eye-catching aesthetic appeal. With Quell'altra Crunchy variegate, your desserts will not only taste amazing, but they will also look spectacular. It will make your cremini or any other dessert even more special, creating visual and sensory delight.


Quell'altra Crunchy - 14724A offers a multi-sensory experience. It's not just about the taste, but also about the texture and visual appeal it brings to your creations. So why not add a touch of this magic to your desserts and see how it transforms them into culinary masterpieces? It's time to awaken your senses with Quell'altra Crunchy.


No. 2 tins x  2.3 kg

Item number: D-A1472 / MEC3-14724A

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