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Rainbow Layer Cookies 13oz (12/cs)
Rainbow Layer Cookies 13oz (12/cs)

Rainbow Layer Cookies 13oz (12/cs)

by Cookies United

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Rainbow Layer Cookies are a delectable delicacy that will put a grin on your face.
Layers of brilliantly colored dough produce a dazzling rainbow appearance when cut in these cookies. These cookies, with their eye-catching hues and crunchy texture, are ideal for special events or as a fun and colorful snack.

Rainbow Layer Cookies come in a box of 12 packets, each weighing 13 ounces.
As a result, they are ideal for sharing with friends and family, as well as serving at parties and celebrations. These cookies will be a popular with both youngsters and adults due to their unusual and humorous design.

Just open the packet of Rainbow Layer Cookies and enjoy the colorful and tasty biscuits. They may be eaten alone or with a glass of milk or a hot beverage for an extra delightful pleasure. You may also use these cookies as a decorative element in your baking, such as smashing them up and using them as a colorful topping on cakes or cupcakes.

Rainbow Layer Cookies are a colorful and delightful dessert that will thrill anybody who tries them. These cookies are a must-have for every sweet craving, thanks to their brilliant colors and wonderful flavor. Enjoy bulk Rainbow Layer Cookies at wholesale pricing.

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Cookies United is a wholly-owned subsidiary of United Baking Co., Inc. Louis Avignone and Wally Famous Amos founded what would become United Baking in 1994 as a cookie company. We pride ourselves in running a family business with a management team that has remained with the Company since the beginning. United Baking has been entrusted with iconic brands and sells its baked goods to the largest retailers in the country. Based in Shirley, New York (Long Island), United Baking is a premier manufacturer and marketer of high quality, branded and private label baked goods for consumers nationwide. In 2014, United Bakings wholly-owned subsidiary, Cookies United, acquired the assets of Silver Lake Cookie Co., Inc., including the Silver Lake brand.

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