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Reddi Sponge Dough Conditioner (Non-Dairy)

Reddi Sponge Dough Conditioner (Non-Dairy)

by Agropur


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Reddi-Sponge is a non-dairy-based dough conditioner which simplifies baking by reducing the fermentation time or sponge steps. A dough conditioner is any baking ingredient that improves the production and consistency of a dough. It can enhance the crumb structure, appearance, and shelf life of the final product. Reddi-Sponge can replace other non-dairy solids and add richness to dough. This dough conditioner can reduce mixing time up to 40% and works well with just about everything including frozen dough. It will increase customer appeal by improving the volume and texture of the finished product. It works in a wide variety of fresh and frozen yeast-raised bakery goods. And Reddi-Sponge is completely adaptable to your present facility and equipment. Check out our Reddi-Sponge dough conditioner, available in bulk.

Use at approximately 3% by weight of flour.

Reddi-Sponge Dough Developer & Dough Conditioner Packaging: 50 lb Bag

Reddi-Sponge Dough Developer & Dough Conditioner Bulk Pallet: 50 - 50 lb Bags

Shelf Life: 12 months

Allergen Information: Does Not Contain Milk

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Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-4784

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