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Tenderex Emulsifier

Tenderex Emulsifier

by Rich's


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Tenderex is an emulsifier designed for use in all cake batters (except angel food cakes). Tenderex increases volume, tenderness and shelf life. Extends freshness of products up to three days longer. Finished products have excellent volume and a fine grain structure. Gives maximum volume possible. Stops shrinkage after baking. Enjoy our bulk Tenderex emulsifier at wholesale pricing.


Tenderex Emulsifier Bulk Packaging: 15 lb Pail

UPC Code: 049800251953

Preparation Instructions: Use 1-1/2 oz. Tenderex to every 5 lb. of flour in layer cake formulations. Use this same proportion for all cake and sponge formulas. Slight variations in water content will be needed to obtain desired batter consistency.

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Item Number: D-0263

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