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Regular Rolled Oats 50lbs
Regular Rolled Oats 50lbs

Regular Rolled Oats 50lbs

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Our regular rolled oats are available in bulk for bakeries or for individuals looking to use oats to add to granola and cereal, or for baking such tasty treats as muffins and bread.


Oat and Specialty Grain Milling are manufactured from sound oats grown according to good agricultural practices. Raw oats are cleaned, de-hulled, and then heat-treated to produced an enzyme stabilized oat groat. The groats are then steamed and rolled into #5 rolled oat flakes, in accordance with good manufacturing practices.


Our oat flakes are 100% natural. They are the result of carefully selected peeled, cut and stabilized grains. They are white with soft chestnut tones and soft borders. We select prime quality oats then peel and stabilize them to inactivate enzymes. This process prevents rotting and increases shelf life. Our oar flour is created from finely ground oat grains. There are no additives and it is 100% natural. If you are looking to buy regular rolled oats in bulk or home use, then check out Canadian Oats.


Product Description: Explore the wholesome goodness of Baker's Authority's Regular Rolled Oats, your go-to choice for a nutritious and versatile ingredient. Sourced from the finest oat fields, these oats are a testament to our commitment to quality. Ideal for both sweet and savory recipes, our Regular Rolled Oats are a staple for anyone passionate about healthy and delicious cooking.


Regular Rolled Oats: A Staple of Nutritional Excellence


Rolled Oats are not just any oats; they are a nutritional powerhouse. Rich in fiber, protein, and essential nutrients, they are perfect for a heart-healthy diet. The texture is perfectly balanced, providing a satisfying chewiness that's ideal for a range of recipes.


Versatile and Nutrient-Dense: A Canvas for Culinary Creativity


The versatility of our Regular Rolled Oats is unparalleled. They can be transformed into:

  • Hearty breakfasts: Think warm oatmeal or overnight oats, packed with your favorite fruits and nuts.
  • Baking delights: Ideal for oatmeal cookies, granola bars, and crumbles, adding a wholesome twist.
  • Savory dishes: Perfect for adding texture to veggie burgers, meatballs, or as a topping for casseroles.


Nutritional Profile: Packed with Health Benefits


Regular Rolled Oats are a rich source of dietary fiber, particularly beta-glucan, known for its cholesterol-lowering effects. They also contain a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals.


Comparison with Other Oat Varieties


While instant oats offer convenience and steel-cut oats provide a denser texture, Regular Rolled Oats strike a perfect balance between ease of preparation and satisfying texture. They retain more of their natural shape and nutrients compared to more processed varieties.


Storage and Packaging: Keeping the Goodness Intact


To ensure freshness, our Rolled Oats come in secure packaging. Store them in a cool, dry place to maintain their quality.


Culinary Tips: Unleashing the Potential of Rolled Oats


  • Soaking: For a quicker cooking time, soak the oats in milk or water overnight.
  • Toasting: Enhance their nutty flavor by lightly toasting them before adding liquids.
  • Flavor Pairings: Combine with cinnamon, honey, or fresh fruits for a delightful taste.


Quality Assurance: The Baker's Authority Commitment


We take pride in offering Rolled Oats that consistently meet high standards of quality. From field to your pantry, we ensure that our oats deliver both in terms of health and taste.


Embark on a Culinary Journey with Regular Rolled Oats


Regular Rolled Oats are more than just a breakfast option; they are a gateway to endless culinary adventures. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, Rolled Oats are a must-have in your kitchen.


Regular Rolled Oats FAQ:


What are Regular Rolled Oats?


Regular Rolled Oats are whole grain oats that have been steamed and flattened. They offer a great balance of nutrition and convenience, perfect for various recipes.


How do they differ from other oat varieties?


Regular Rolled Oats are less processed than instant oats and more so than steel-cut oats. They provide a middle ground in terms of texture and cooking time.


Can regular rolled oats be used in gluten-free recipes?


While oats are naturally gluten-free, ensure they are processed in a gluten-free facility if you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.


How should I store them for maximum freshness?


Keep them in a cool, dry place, away from moisture and direct sunlight. Proper storage can significantly extend their shelf life.


Are they suitable for savory dishes?


Absolutely! Their neutral flavor and hearty texture make them ideal for adding to meatloaf, veggie burgers, or as a topping for baked dishes.


Can regular rolled oats be eaten raw?


Yes, rolled oats can be eaten raw, like in muesli or overnight oats. Soaking or cooking them can make them easier to digest and absorb nutrients.



Embrace the versatility and nutritional richness of Baker's Authority's Regular Rolled Oats. Incorporate them into your diet and unlock a world of healthy, tasty, and versatile culinary possibilities.

Regular Rolled Oats Packaging:  50 lb Bag

Regular Rolled Oats Bulk Pallet: 40x50 lb Bags

Shelf Life: 12 months from production date

Country of Origin: Canada

Item Number: D-0626-50LB

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