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Royal Honey Glaze
Royal Honey Glaze
Royal Honey Glaze

Royal Honey Glaze

by Fulafrute

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22 lb pail

Provides a sweet, shiny gloss. doughnut glaze, pastry wash for sweet dough, danish and breads. Fulafrute superior line of glazes will give your bakery products a sweet, rich gloss. Use them as a pastry wash for sweet dough and danish, as a doughnut glaze, or apply to tarts for a flavorful shine.

Packaging: Pail

Shelf Life: 9 months in sealed containers for pails.

Allergen Information: Product contains no allergens.

Preperation Instructions: Doughnut glaze use one pint honey glaze to one qt. hot water and 10-11 lbs, 6X sugar.

Country of Origin:


Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-1113

Millions of people every day, around the world, enjoy sweet and savory products that include one of our fine products. EFCO is a global leader in ingredients for wholesale bakeries, chain restaurant operators, retail bakeries, food processors, frozen food manufacturers, and supermarket bakeries. We offer an ever growing portfolio of off-the-shelf products and custom formulated products that include bakery fillings, bakery mixes and concentrates, beverage bases + syrups, fruit and specialty toppings and other specialty ingredients. Our offering of some of the finest ingredients available to pastry chefs and bakers around the world just wouldn’t be complete without our line of specialty ingredients. Perhaps you’re looking to simply add visual appeal to your baked product by using one of our glazes. Or maybe you want to include bold flavor to icings or mixes with our concentrated icing fruits. You can even dive into our intense orange peel paste or lekvar when baking signature items. EFCO is here to make certain your customers always get great taste and flavor from the baked goods that use our product.

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