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5 LB Rye Chops

5 LB Rye Chops

by Bakers Authority

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Rye chops (also known as cracked rye) is the food prepared in the grinding and bolting of cleaned whole rye. Similar to cracked wheat, rye chops are made by "cracking" or cutting the whole rye berry into smaller pieces. Rye chops are cut rye berries and have a crunchy fruity flavor. Rye chops (aka cracked rye) are great to add to bread, muffins, cookies, and to even put on cereal and granola. For a nice fruity and nutty flavor for those who enjoy a nice crunch, our rye chops are great to add for baking muffins, bread, cookies, and can even be added to salad. Enjoy our bulk rye chops at wholesale pricing.


Rye Chops Bulk Packaging: 5 lb Bag

5LB Bag: Repackaged from the larger bag in our facility

Shelf Life: 90 days at recommended storage conditions and good sanitary practices. Best if used within 60 days.

Allergen Information: May contains wheat

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Item Number: D-0585-5LB

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