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Kosher Salt - Diamond 9/3lb

Kosher Salt - Diamond 9/3lb

by Diamond

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Kosher salt, also known as koshering salt or kashering salt, is a type of edible coarse-grained salt that has been used for centuries in Jewish cuisine. It is made by harvesting sea water and then mechanically evaporating it using special equipment to produce large flakes of pure salt. Unlike regular table salt, kosher salt often contains no additives and is free of iodine, making it a preferred choice for cooks who are looking for an all-natural and unprocessed salt.

Kosher salt is often used in different ways depending on the dish or recipe being prepared. For example, it's often used to season meat and vegetables, as well as providing a crust for poultry, fish and other meats. Additionally, it can also be used for curing fish and pickling vegetables. Because of its large size, kosher salt is also an ideal choice for brining and salting food.

When using Diamond 9/3lb Kosher Salt, remember to consider the larger flakes which require more time to dissolve when using for brining, salting or seasoning. Also, the natural size of kosher salt flakes provides a great crunchy texture to dishes like salads and casseroles. Whether you're looking to add a unique flavor and texture to your dishes or just like the convenience of being able to use an all-natural salt, Diamond 9/3lb Kosher Salt is an excellent choice for all your cooking needs. Enjoy bulk kosher salt at wholesale pricing.

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