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Raspberry Baker's Jam

Raspberry Baker's Jam

by Alipro


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Our raspberry jam is made from the finest fruit and spices for a perfect homemade taste. Use for pies, topping for danish and other desserts. Our raspberry jam is available in bulk or home use.


Our raspberry jam is perfect to add to sandwiches, as frosting for desserts, and even for cooking. Our raspberry jam tastes delicious for those who want to make peanut butter and jelly chicken, an original and delicious treat. For those wanting to make the perfect pie or cake, we recommended topping it off with our raspberry jam, made from real fruit and available in bulk.


Raspberry Baker's Jam Packaging: 45 lb Pail

Raspberry Baker's Jam Pallet: 36 - 45 lb Pails

Shelf Life: 9 months at room temperature

Country of Origin:


Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-0875

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