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Soy Lecithin - Liquid

Soy Lecithin - Liquid

by US Chocolate

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Yelkin Lecithin is a surface-active agent with unique properties, derived from soybeans. Yelkin lecithin can modify the boundary layers between many types of substtances. In the presence of two immiscible liquid phuses, Yelkin lecithin reduces the surface tension and acts as an emulsifier. When used between a solid and a liquid phase (instantizing) Yelkin lecithin acts as a wetting and dispersing agent. When used between solid phases Yelkin lecithin acts as a lubricant or release agent.

Packaging: Pail

Shelf Life: Minimum shelf life under recommended storage conditions: 3 years

Applications: Lecithin has been found useful in a wide variety of food processing applications. As a food emulsifier lecithin is used in the manufacture of margarine, vegetable and dairy based milk replacers including infant formula and ready to use frostings. Lecithin is the active ingredient in many food grade release agents such as pan oils, griddle greases and aerosol contings. Lecithin is also used to alter viscosity in chocolate products and compound coatings. In bread baking applications, lecithin acts to improve dough machinability, volume, symmetry and shelf life. In crackers, cookies, cakes and ples lecithin improves shortening dispersion and acts as a release agent.

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