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BBS Soy Flex All-Purpose Shortening

BBS Soy Flex All-Purpose Shortening

by Stratas

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Soy Flex is a domestic soybean based shortening that offers a creamier, more consistent texture, a wider temperature range and contains no tropical oils. Soy Flex, for shortening that's as smooth as silk and consistent from cube to cube. BBS Soy Flex is a zero grams trans-fat all-purpose unemulsified shortening that is used in a wide variety of baking applications.

Packaging: Box

Shelf Life: 360 Days minimum

UPC Code: 751884913589

Preperation Instructions: Recommended for frying, baking and other application where an all-purpose shortening is desired.

Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-0201

STRATAS FOODS - Food Ingredients Division is a supplier of ingredients for the food industry. STRATAS FOODS - Food Ingredients Division has a wide range of products including oils, fats, and shortening. This company uses advanced technology to create products that are steadfast and reliable as well as having many benefits such as higher-volume, creamier texture, and zero grams trans-fat formulas.

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