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Season Pan Coating Vegetable Oil Spray

Season Pan Coating Vegetable Oil Spray

by Stratas

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Case (6 - 14 oz Cans)
Season pan spray is a cooking spray that is applied to pans before cooking. It is used to prevent food from sticking to the pan and to make cleanup easier. Season pan spray typically comes in an aerosol can. It is applied to the pan by spraying it on and then wiping it with a paper towel or cloth. Season pan spray can be used on all types of cookware, including non-stick pans. It is also safe to use on food that will be eaten raw, such as vegetables. Season pan spray is a convenient way to prevent sticking and make cleanup easier. It is an essential tool for anyone who cooks frequently. Enjoy cooking with bulk Season pan spray at wholesale pricing.

Applicable for all baking, pan frying cooking and griddle applications

Packaging: Can

Shelf Life: 720 Days minimum

Allergen Information: No Water, No CFCs

Applications: Season pan coating is an effective food release for all cooking and baking utensils. Use pan coating on frying pans, casserole dishes, baking tins and waffle irons for quick release and easy clean up.

Preperation Instructions: 1. Shake well and align spray tip with dot on can. 2. Hold can about 10'' from cooking surface or pans, away from heat source, sparks or flame. 3. Spray a light coating over entire area to be used. 4. Heat to cooking temperature before adding food. 5. Avoid excessive heat and do not refrigerate can - best used at room temperature (68 - 75 F).

Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-0278-CASE

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