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Strawberry Flavor Coating Type “M”

Strawberry Flavor Coating Type “M”

by Mec3

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The Strawberry Flavor Coating Type "M" is an exquisite culinary masterpiece. Primarily characterized as a semi-finished paste, it boasts a captivating, vivid red hue that immediately commands attention. The charming pink color not only provides a feast for the eyes but also sets an enticing stage for the sensory experience that awaits.


The primary attribute of this coating type is, of course, its delightful strawberry flavor. The freshness of sun-ripened strawberries permeates the product, giving it a natural and refreshing taste. The subtle tanginess, coupled with an underlying sweetness, mimics the nuanced flavors of the real fruit, making it a perfect choice for those looking to indulge their sweet tooth while relishing in the nostalgia of summer days.


Despite its indulgent nature, the Strawberry Flavor Coating Type "M" is mindful of various dietary preferences and restrictions. It is gluten-free, making it a reliable choice for those with celiac disease or anyone who prefers to adhere to a gluten-free diet. Its accessibility extends beyond this, as it is also Halal. This means the product complies with the dietary standards set forth by Islamic law, further broadening its appeal to a wide spectrum of consumers.


But its versatility doesn't stop at its accommodating nature. The applications of the Strawberry Flavor Coating Type "M" are near limitless. With its semi-finished state, it is ready to use and perfectly formulated for a range of culinary uses. For the ice cream artisan, it can be used for variegating handcrafted gelato, adding not just flavor but also an appealing visual flair. It can also be used as a filling for semifreddi, which are semi-frozen desserts, adding a burst of fruity goodness within.


For the creative bakers and patisserie chefs, it opens up a new world of flavor possibilities. From filling cakes and pastries to creating intricate designs on their surfaces, it adds a touch of finesse to any baked delicacy. Its surprisingly crunchy effect upon setting is an added bonus, providing a satisfying contrast in textures that makes every bite even more enjoyable.


Strawberry Flavor Coating Type "M" can be used as an exterior for gelato on sticks, giving them a hard shell that cracks delightfully to reveal the creamy treat beneath. It's equally excellent for pralines, coating them with a fruity layer that harmoniously blends with the sweet filling inside.


Strawberry Flavor Coating Type "M" is an innovative product, ticking all the boxes for taste, aesthetic appeal, dietary inclusivity, and versatility in application. Its potential uses are only limited by the creativity of the one using it, making it a valuable asset in any kitchen or dessert parlour.

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Item Number: D-A158 / MEC3-15925A

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