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Sunflower Seeds - Hulled

Sunflower Seeds - Hulled

by SunOpta

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The "kernel" is the inner, edible portion of the sunflower seed. Our state-of-the-art technology effectively and efficiently removes the outer shell, providing us with the most consistent and cost-effective sunflower kernels on the market. This modern technology helps us to preserve the natural identity, purity, and quality of our sunflower kernel products. Enjoy the taste of bulk hulled sunflower seeds at wholesale prices. Hulled sunflower seeds are a cleaner and easy way to eat sunflower seeds without the messiness that comes from having to eat shelled sunflower seeds.


FUNCTIONALITY: Extended shelf life, Pleasant texture (smooth mouth-feel and consistent crunchiness), Moisture preservation, Cost-effective and allergen free nut replacement. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Nutritionally dense whole food, Firm crunch & mild, nutty flavor, Consistent visual characteristics, Texture enhancement, Value-added processing, Premium sizes & variety of ounce counts, Raw.

Sunflower Seeds - Hulled Bulk Packaging: 50 lb Bag

Shelf Life: 24 months

Applications: Nutritious snack (roasted, salted, & flavored). Confectionary (ingredient in chocolates & sweets). Multi-grain (breakfast bars, cookies, energy bars, & crackers). Baking (breads, bagels, & muffins). Industrial baking mixes (ingredient in pre-made mixes). Toppings (salads, yogurt, & stir-fry). Breading and coatings (chicken & fish breadings)

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Item Number: D-2112-50LB

SunOpta offers a complete range of sunflower kernel products, with a specialty in the extended shelf life SL80 high oleic sunflower kernel. In the 1970s, SunOpta Sunflower (formerly SIGCO Sun Products) transformed the sunflower industry by developing the extended shelf life high oleic sunflower kernel (SL80). The creation of the SL80 kernel provided a solution to the rancidity issue of traditional roasted confection kernel. The extended shelf life of the SL80 kernel-up to five times longer than that of traditional confection-created new market possibilities, increased product applications, and offered a functional and economical option to manufacturers. As a leading innovator and supplier, we work with over 250 growers to provide our sunflower products to more than 30 countries. We are the primary supplier of high oleic and value-added sunflower products and lead in the development of new hybrid sunflower varieties. Involved every step of the way-from seed to table-we provide the best sunflower kernel products on the market.

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