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Cargill Top-Flo Granulated Salt

Cargill Top-Flo Granulated Salt

by Cargill

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Top-Flo® Granulated Salt Top-Flo® Granulated Salt is a food grade, granular, white crystalline, sodium chloride manufactured under stringent process control procedures by vacuum evaporation of raw, untreated brine. Top-Flo® Granulated Salt contains Yellow Prussiate of Soda as an anti-caking agent.



Cargill Top Flo Salt Bulk:  50 lb Bag


Product Certifications:

Cargill® Top-Flo® meets USDA, FDA and Food Chemicals Codex for food use. Cargill® Top-Flo® is certified Kosher for Passover (OU-P) by the Orthodox Union.


Allergen Status:

In accordance with the 2004 USA Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA), no allergen declarations are required for this product.


Storage and Shelf Life:

Salt products do not have a shelf life in the traditional sense. Salt will not spoil or support pathogenic growth. Please see the following information regarding Shelf Life, Caking Resistance, and Storage conditions: Shelf Life: Indefinite


Item Number: D-4781

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