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Vinyl Medium Stretch Gloves PF - 1000 Qty
Vinyl Medium Stretch Gloves PF - 1000 Qty
Vinyl Medium Stretch Gloves PF - 1000 Qty

Vinyl Medium Stretch Gloves PF - 1000 Qty


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In the realms of durability and comfort, our Vinyl Medium Stretch Gloves PF stand unrivaled, promising you an unbeatable experience whether you are in the medical field, food service, or simply seeking personal protection. These gloves are a stellar choice for individuals who demand uncompromising quality and outstanding value. Each box comes generously packed with 1000 pieces, ensuring you have a steady supply ready for use.


Expertly crafted with premium vinyl materials, these gloves are latex-free, guaranteeing an allergy-safe experience. The “PF” in the name stands for powder-free, which means they are easy to don without the need for powder – making them an environmentally friendly and cleaner alternative. With a comfortable, medium-stretch design, these gloves afford wearers optimal flexibility without sacrificing the snug, secure fit necessary for delicate tasks. Their medium size is designed to accommodate a wide range of hand sizes, making these gloves a versatile investment for all your protective needs.


Not only do the Vinyl Medium Stretch Gloves PF provide unmatched comfort and durability, but they also excel in providing tactile sensitivity, allowing you to perform your tasks with precision and ease. Their translucent design offers a sleek, professional appearance suitable for various environments. Each glove is meticulously inspected to ensure they meet and exceed standard safety requirements, providing you with confidence in every piece. With 1000 gloves at your disposal, you are well-equipped to handle any situation requiring reliable hand protection with grace and efficiency. Trust the Vinyl Medium Stretch Gloves PF to be your hands’ best defense and companion in every challenge that comes your way! Enjoy bulk medium vinyl powder free stretch gloves at wholesale pricing.


  • Improved comfort and fit over standard vinyl gloves
  • Non-latex and prevent Type-I Latex Allergy
  • Advanced materials formulation provided superior handling dexterity over standard vinyl gloves
  • Produced without the use of DEHP, DINP, or BPA
  • Complies with CA proposition 65
  • This product complies with 21CFR parts 170-199 for food contact
  • Resistance against a variety of chemicals


Item Number: 9355M


Case contains 10 Boxes.

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