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Wheat Bran 5LB
Wheat Bran 5LB

Wheat Bran 5LB

by Snavely

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Flaky bran from soft red wheat fit for human consumption. When creating white flour, the outer coating of a wheat kernel known as wheat bran is frequently removed.
It is a very nutritive and adaptable ingredient that may be used to a range of recipes to raise the fiber content.

High in fiber and necessary vitamins and minerals, wheat bran is a wholesome by-product of the milling of wheat. For people wishing to increase their intake of fiber and promote general health, a 5lb bag of wheat bran is a fantastic option.

7 grams of fiber, or 28% of the daily required amount, are included in one serving of wheat bran. This food's high fiber content helps improve regularity, aid with digestion, and support weight management. Furthermore, B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc—all necessary for overall health—are abundant in wheat bran.

A wide range of meals can readily include the mild, nutty flavor of wheat bran.
Yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies, baked goods, and more can all use it. Additionally, it is adaptable enough to be utilized in savory and sweet recipes.

A 5lb bag of wheat bran is an affordable and practical approach to enhance your intake of fiber and support your general health. With its high fiber and vitamin content, it is a terrific supplement to any diet and is simple to work into your daily schedule. Enjoy bulk wheat bran at wholesale pricing.

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