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Whip Deelite Base

Whip Deelite Base

by Hanan

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Whip Deelite Base is a frozen, concentrated, non-dairy, artificially flavored whipped topping base. Whip Deelite Base has many uses and can be used as a whipped base for whipped cream, parfaits, and bavarians. Whip Deelite Base can be made almost instantly without the need for additional ingredients. Whip Deelite Base is a non-dairy alternative to dairy whipped cream and is also ideal for serving with pie, coffee, or hot chocolate. Try our Whip Deelite Base, available in bulk or wholesale.


Unit Weight: 30 lbs

Whip Deelite Base Bulk Packaging: 30 lb Pail

Shelf Life: Frozen: 18 months, Refrigerated unopened: 21 days, Refrigerated Opened: 5 days

Allergen Information: None

Applications: USA

Preparation Instructions: Thaw under refrigeration, combine two parts base with one part cold water (by weight or volume). Whip in a rotary mixer with a wire whip on medium until soft peaks form.

Country of Origin:


Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-2668

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