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Whipped Cream Stabilizer 2x10LB

Whipped Cream Stabilizer 2x10LB

by Pastry Star

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Whipped Cream Stabilizer is a vital ingredient for bakers and pastry chefs, designed to maintain the texture and appearance of whipped cream over a longer duration. It safeguards your whipped cream from becoming sluggish, which means it helps prevent the cream from losing its firm, fluffy texture and reverting back to a liquid form. This is extremely beneficial in case the whipped cream needs to be prepared in advance or is part of a recipe that requires extended refrigeration or display.


Furthermore, whipped cream stabilizer also guards against the whipped cream turning yellow, a phenomenon that often happens when the cream is exposed to air for too long. This ensures the whipped cream maintains its pristine, appetizing white color, contributing to the visual appeal of your desserts.


The Whipped Cream Stabilizer is available in two quantities - 1 lb tubs and 10 lb bags. The 1 lb tub is a great option for home bakers or smaller food establishments, providing a sufficient quantity for multiple uses without taking up too much storage space. The larger 10 lb bag is ideal for commercial kitchens, restaurants, bakeries, and catering businesses that need to prepare large quantities of whipped cream on a regular basis.


Each pack of Whipped Cream Stabilizer comes with a usage guide, helping you achieve optimal results every time you whip up a batch of cream. Whether you're making a simple whipped cream topping for a pie or crafting a complex layered dessert, this stabilizer can be your secret weapon to ensure perfect consistency and longevity. Enjoy bulk whipped cream stabilizer at wholesale pricing.


Packaging: Case 2x10LB


 Allergen Information: Gelatin, Dextrose. Non-GMO. Check Ingredients.


 Tips & Handling: Will maintain quality for 12 months under cool, dry conditions. To prevent condensation, do not refrigerate.


 Shelf Life:12 months.


Item Number: PS50208

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