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Wild Blueberry Filling

Wild Blueberry Filling

by Efco

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Grade A wild blueberries are used. Variety of uses includes pies, topping and danish. Wild Blueberry pie filling is a starch based fruit filling made with grade A Wild Blueberries. It is ideal for a variety of uses including filling pies and topping for danish and other desserts. EFCO pie and tart fillings have plenty of delicious whole fruit and a rich flavor. Use right from the container, no preparation or refrigeration necessary. Enjoy the taste of blueberry pie on a warm summer's day with our bulk wild blueberry at wholesale pricing.


Product Description: Discover the lush, vibrant taste of Baker's Authority's Wild Blueberry Filling, a splendid concoction of wild blueberries handpicked at their prime. This filling is a treasure trove for chefs and bakers alike, offering an authentic burst of blueberry flavor and a rich, deep color. Our guide delves into the exceptional qualities of our Wild Blueberry Filling, detailing its source, nutritional aspects, and the endless possibilities it opens up in the culinary world.


Wild Blueberry Filling: A Symphony of Natural Flavors


The essence of our Wild Blueberry Filling lies in its genuine, untouched taste. It's like a stroll through wild blueberry fields, each spoonful bursting with fresh, tangy sweetness and a hint of earthiness.


Versatile and Exquisite: A Culinary Artist's Dream


Wild Blueberry Filling's versatility is unmatched:

  • Baking: Ideal for pies, tarts, and cheesecakes, it adds a rich flavor and stunning visual appeal.
  • Desserts: From parfaits to mousses, it infuses a deep blueberry essence.
  • Toppings: A perfect addition to pancakes, waffles, or ice creams.


Origins and Properties: Harvested from the Wild


We source our wild blueberries from pristine environments, ensuring they are free from artificial interventions. This natural upbringing results in berries with a more intense flavor and deeper color compared to cultivated varieties.


Comparison with Artificial Flavors: Unparalleled Authenticity


Unlike artificial blueberry flavors, our Wild Blueberry Filling offers:

  • Natural Taste: Experience the true essence of wild blueberries.
  • Rich Color: The deep, natural hue adds a visual delight to dishes.
  • Nutritional Value: Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it’s a healthier choice.


Storage and Packaging: Maintaining Freshness and Quality


Our filling is securely packaged to retain its freshness and vibrant taste. Store it in a cool place and refrigerate after opening to prolong its shelf life.


Culinary Tips: Unleashing Creativity with Wild Blueberry Filling


  • Balance Flavors: Pair it with citrus, vanilla, or cinnamon for a nuanced taste.
  • Textural Contrast: Combine with crunchy elements like nuts or granola.
  • Natural Sweetener: A great alternative to sugar in various recipes.


Quality Assurance: Baker's Authority's Commitment


Our commitment to excellence ensures that every jar of Wild Blueberry Filling meets the highest standards. From berry selection to the cooking process, we prioritize quality and flavor.


Embrace the Essence of Nature with Wild Blueberry Filling


Wild Blueberry Filling is more than an ingredient; it’s a gateway to the heart of nature's bounty. Transform your baking and dessert creations with the genuine taste of wild blueberries.


Baker's Authority Wild Blueberry Filling FAQ:


What is Wild Blueberry Filling?


Wild blueberry filling is  a ready-to-use filling made from wild blueberries, offering an authentic flavor and rich color for various culinary applications.


How does wild blueberry filling  compare to regular blueberry fillings?


Wild blueberry filling stands out with its intense flavor and deeper color, derived from wild rather than cultivated blueberries.


Can wild blueberry filling be used as a direct substitute for fresh blueberries?


Yes, wild blueberry filling  is a convenient and flavorful substitute, especially in baking and desserts where consistency and intense flavor are desired.


How long does wild blueberry filling filling last once opened?


To ensure freshness, it's best to refrigerate and use wild blueberry filling within a week or two. Keep the jar tightly sealed.


Does wild blueberry filling contain added sugars or preservatives?


Wild Blueberry Filling is crafted to highlight the natural sweetness of the berries, with minimal added sugar and no artificial preservatives.


How can I incorporate  wild blueberry filling into breakfast dishes?


Wild blueberry filling is perfect as a topping for oatmeal, yogurt, or as a spread on toast.


Choose Baker's Authority's Wild Blueberry Filling for an authentic, flavorful, and visually stunning addition to your culinary creations. Elevate your dishes with the true essence of wild blueberries.

Wild Blueberry Filling Bulk Packaging: 20 lb Pail

Shelf Life: 12 months in sealed containers.

Allergen Information: Product contains no allergens.

Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-0848

Millions of people every day, around the world, enjoy sweet and savory products that include one of our fine products. EFCO is a global leader in ingredients for wholesale bakeries, chain restaurant operators, retail bakeries, food processors, frozen food manufacturers, and supermarket bakeries. We offer an ever growing portfolio of off-the-shelf products and custom formulated products that include bakery fillings, bakery mixes and concentrates, beverage bases + syrups, fruit and specialty toppings and other specialty ingredients. When you have been in the baking industry business as long as EFCO, you learn a few things about good flavor, especially when it comes to creating our signature fruit and cream fillings. You learn to select fruits that have fully ripened in the orchard and berries that are bursting on the bush in order to capture every ounce of natural flavor. We've also learned that some outstanding flavors come from exotic fruits such as guava, mango and pomegranate. We continue to extend our search so we can bring these exquisite taste sensations to our quality range of bakery fillings. You will realize this attention to quality in our creme fillings too as we blend the finest ingredients to create a wide range of flavors. Just one bite of a product that uses any of our delicious fruit or creme bakery fillings and you'll taste our commitment to the ultimate in flavor. It tastes just that good.

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