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Yellow Chocolate Coating

Yellow Chocolate Coating

by Merckens

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Merckens Bulk Yellow Chocolate Wafers are a premium chocolate wafer that can be used in many different baking applications. Merckens Yellow Chocolate Wafers can be used as a dipping chocolate, molding chocolate, or just a great snack.


Easy to use for molding and dipping confections. A melt in your mouth snack or party favor. Merckens wafers are made in a plant that manufactures peanut flavored item. Those items are manufactured on segregated equipment. There is no shared machinery or tools. Merckens believes their product to be peanut free but suggest that the decision is a personal one made by the consumer.


Known for consistent and superior quality, the Merckens brand of chocolate has been used by premium chocolate retail confectioners in North America since 1921. The Merckens line of compound chocolate wafers is a leading brand in the retail confectioner, home candy-making and cake-decorating markets.

Unit Weight: 25 lb

Yellow Chocolate Coating Packaging: 25 lb Box

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Item Number: D-1643

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